VK9XGM                Software .....

VK9XGM will be using three networked Windows laptops for logging. This networking will ensure that no QSO info is lost should 1 PC crash or fail, or if there is some other logging or internet connection problem.
Depending on the reliability and speed of the internet connection, we hope to be sending QSOs to ClubLog in real time, or at least making daily uploads. 

We have three separate uBlox7 GPS timing dongles, one on each PC to ensure accurate timing for the log and for digital modes (especially FT4)

SSB/CW logging software :    WinTest version 4.49 (or newer version).
with an app written by Pete G4CLA which links directly to ClubLog and to our 'Realtime logging' webpage on this website (not online until late October 2023).
Datamodes software :    MSHV version 2.72  (or newer version)  
We intend to use the ClubLog 'Livestream' feature - for FT8 and FT4 QSOs.   

GPS timing software :   GPS2time version  by VK4ADC  (thanks Doug)     
Website software :  This simple website was constructed by Chris GM3WOJ using Microsoft Expression Web4.

Website hosting :    GoDaddy - HQ in Tempe, Arizona.

If you are interested, each of our 3 logging PCs has the following software installed :
WinTest, WtDXtelnet, MSHV, WSJT-Z, LoTW TrustedQSL (+VK9XGM certificate), VE7CC DXCluster client, GPS2Time, Firefox, Microsoft Expression Web4, VK9XGM website upload links, G4CLA's WinTest<>ClubLog app, USB drivers and audio CODECs, Website logins/passwords, PSK Reporter, etc. etc.