VK9XGM                QSL info ....

The QSL manager for VK9XGM is Kim Larson - daughter of Steve N3SL.  Kim was voted one of the top 5 QSL managers worldwide in the 2004 Go-list survey.

end direct QSLs to :    N3SL, 22 N Hidden Acres Drive,
                                            Sioux City, Iowa  51108, U.S.A.


* * Please do not send direct QSL cards to GM3WOJ or GM4YXI * *

* * Please do not send QSL cards to the VK QSL Bureau * *


All VK9XGM QSOs will be uploaded to the ARRL 'Logbook of the World' and to ClubLog - daily if possible.

 An OQRS system for paper QSL cards will be activated a few months after the end of the DXpedition.